Thursday, June 26, 2008

Butternut Squash Raviolis

OK this is a really pure version of this dish. My clients wanted no salt, no oil and one needed no wheat. So I made homemade ravioli using whole wheat pastry flour, oil (just a little), water and salt. Then a mushed up some cooked butternut squash with some allspice and stuffed the inside of the ravioli with them.

I made the sauce using oat milk, sherry, garlic, onions, thyme, a small amount of coconut milk, a dash of vegetarian worchestershire and oh yeah wild mushrooms (shitake and oyster). You don't have to saute the veggies you can just cook them in the sauce if you want.
Then I cut the rest of the squash into the same cute shapes as the raviolis and I baked them with a little allspice. She loved it.

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Anonymous said...

I get that you couldn't make pasta without oil, but to say that your client wanted no wheat and you made whole wheat pasta? Umm. That's wheat, if you haven't heard.