Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Raw Tostada

Just a little raw snack I was hungry and happened to have some raw onion bread laying around. (Sunflower seeds, flax, onions and spice ground up and dehydrated) and some cashew cheese (The simple version just has salt,oil, lemon, water and cashews). The yellow tomatoes were grown at the Emile Street Community Farm and the variegated basil sprig is from my garden.

That's Joe at the farm. He's our hero!
A word about Joe and the farm. The farm sits inside the Houston city limits in a very poor part of town. Joe, who also has a full time job, spends all of his money, heart and soul on this project. He finds land, plops awesome magical mushroom dirt mix on top of the land (sometimes on top of concrete) and then he and the community farm the land. He's gotten the whole community out and involved, based mostly on his good looks and laid back charm. Make it happen Joe. And for all you style watchers out there; farming is the new punk rock!

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