Tuesday, August 12, 2008

One Vegan Night in Denver

Mmmmm vegan chocolate cake !

I've just returned from Denver where I was lucky enough to spend an evening with these two lovely ladies, Diva and Erin as they joined me on my vegan Denver adventure. Though not vegan themselves, they were completely open and awesome. They learned what seitan was and made up some cute jokes, like if you could make Devil's food cake with seitan. Very clever Diva, you go girl.

The first place we hit was the Mercury Cafe which is not completely vegan but more of a local sustainable organic kind of a place. There were all these cool flowers out in front and a compost pile. There was a bike rack in the front entryway and uber-cool toilets which I'll talk about later. http://www.mercurycafe.com/

The Mercury Cafe is not just a restaurant. It's quite subversive. They have extra rooms that they can do extra stuff in. They have an upstairs for dancing, yoga and what not and an extra room adjacent to the dining room for other stuff, like movies. When we got there they were watching a film about copyrighting but the girls and I decided that we had too much to talk about and we didn't want to disturb the other movie watchers.

We ordered the Vegan Grill (which I forgot to take a picture of until the end) and I must say it was some of the best tofu I've had. The flavor reminded me of chicken fried steak. It was served with a black bean sauce and a spicy kind of a duck sauce. Unfortunately, we wanted to keep the party moving but I know that anything else we would have tried would have been awesome.

The bar-none best thing about the Mercury Cafe was our fantastic server, Aimee (sp?). When we probed her about everything vegan in Denver she finally admitted her part in the soon to be world famous group Underground Carrot. http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=270751408

This group of cool kids has an underground food delivery and weekend restaurant business that is totally worth checking out. They are trying to raise money to open their own place by hosting underground dining parties which are becoming more and more legitimate. I will definitely go to one of their double top secret temporary dining sites next year if they don't have their own place by then but I hope they do.

The other cool thing about Mercury Cafe is this awesome toilet which pours the water that is destined for the basin over the top first. That way you can wash your hands after you flush. The water is perfectly good for hand washing, tooth brushing etc...
The Mercury Cafe got three thumbs up!

The next place we went was to Water Course Foods.
This picture is the mural (or painting ) that they have in the front entryway. This place is all vegetarian / vegan friendly and had a huge selection of goodies. http://www.watercoursefoods.com/menu.php
This was our sweet server Jenn (hello Jenn!)
We tried as much as we could but the menu was huge. Pictured on top are the Vegan Buffalo Wings. One of the other servers was eating this and was kind enough to offer me a bite. The wings were very good but cold. I thought they had a bit too much black pepper. I prefer mine with Louisiana Hot Sauce and nothing else. The Ranch was great.

Then we tried the Seitan Philly, The Juan Wrap and the Country Fried Seitan. The Juan Wrap was the hands down favorite. Erin experienced vegan nirvana. It was fun to witness.
We then had to explore the dessert tray which had ho ho's cupcakes, tiramisu, gluten-free chocolate cake, apple pie, and so many goodies that we had to order four even though there were only three of us. My fave was the tiramisu which was even better two days later.

I also ordered the Green Chili soup which I thought needed some tvp for more body. Other than that I believe Water Course also gets three thumbs up from the gals.

The prairie dogs give Vegan Denver two tails up!


Vegan_Noodle said...

Looks like you had a fun time in Denver! I've been to Watercourse (and loved it) but not Mercury, so I'll have to remember that for my next trip!

The Voracious Vegan said...

Wow! What an amazing post. It looks like you had a wonderful time...and some wonderful meals!

jd said...

It sounds like you had a great time in Denver!

All of that food looks fantastic, & I love that you took a picture of that toilet - how cool!!

Cindy DG said...

That place looks neat, what a cool toilet!
This looks great!!

HayMarket8 said...

I lived in Denver for awhile and i was never much of a fan of the Mercury Cafe. It was a bit to "uoscale". heh.