Friday, February 26, 2010

Vegan Wedding

Ive been working on a vegan wedding for  J and B.  The wedding will be in October.  The following are the choices that will be offered to the couple at their tasting.  They will also get to taste a salad and two or three sides.  These are pictures of the practice entrees which could use a little tweaking.   The first picture is of the Butternut Squash Rotolo. This rotolo starts as a long piece of handmade sage pasta layed flat.  It is layered with a mild cashew cheese and roasted butternut squash, and then rolled up and boiled.  The finished roll is then cut crossways for individual servings.   It lays on a bed of wilted seasonal greens and is topped with grape tomatoes and fried sage.  This is a classic can't lose flavor combination.  When I crafted this one several months ago I just used plain flour to make the pasta (It was just for me and the old man).  Using semolina flour will give the pasta more bite and structure.  This rotolo was dee-licious though.
Next are the crepes.  These crepes are stuffed with a crazy assortment of exotic mushrooms (Beech, Maitake and Shitake) along with walnuts, spinach, ginger and sesame.  The sauce is a lemongrass kreem.  We will need to work on presentation.  I would like to see some nice plump goji berries on top of this and the crepes must be thinner.  Also, Lemongrass must be added to the crepe batter.   Nothing but the best.

And here is the puff pastry.  This is hand-rolled puff pastry. (Thanks Brittany of Sinfull Bakery) It's light and fluffy and speckled with rosemary.
The box is filled with artichoke bottoms, eggplant and tomato and topped with garden cilantro-basil pesto and a simple tomato sauce.  I will add cashew cheese to this recipe and more eggplant and tomato.  This box needs to be spilling over with veggies.


Denise @ Raw Brides said...

wow - everything looks so yummy! They are so lucky!

We didn't have a completely raw vegan wedding, but we had raw chocolate brownies, a raw lasagna (for the veggies) and some raw lemon cheesecake...

Pics here:

amelia said...

i live all the way over in new jersey, but i was reading about chelsea clinton's wedding and the article included a picture of that beautiful puff pastry and i just had to find out more about it. even though i was hoping to find a recipe, finding the enlarged picture was well worth the hunt. should i ever find myself in houston, i don't think i'll need to worry about food!

Anonymous said...

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