Sunday, October 25, 2009

Vegan Halloween, watermelon brains

It is Halloween and you are scared of this food. The Graveyard dip reminds you that zombies can rise up from the ground and eat you. You are frightened of the spinach and artichokes that are burried within. Everyone knows that vegan zombies will eat your graaains.

This Phyllo Ghost is filled with some very spooky mushrooms. Perhaps they are poisionous and you too will become a ghost if you eat them.

Just like these ghosts did.

Once I was driving down on Bomar Street and I saw a flying saucer. At first I thought it was my neighbors wife after he complained about dinner. Turns out it was this little green man made of green tea . He abducted me and turned my brain into agar agar arrgg.

This here is a collection I keep of all the fingers that try to steal the vegan shortbread cookies from the bowl before the

party has started. Don't they know

there are plenty of other ways to kill time.

Mummy told me my vegan diet would never amount to anything so I put a curse on her.

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